Problems using login and password as electronic signature in pharmaceutical manufacturing

The use of the biometric electronic signature not only ensures data integrity and compliance with pharmaceutical regulations, but also solves the problems of inconvenience and loss of time and efficiency of employees.


Electronic signature in pharmaceutical manufacturing: Does it preserve data integrity and comply with regulations?

Password-based electronic signatures are widely used in manufacturing software (MES, ERP) in the pharmaceutical industry, putting at risk data integrity and regulatory compliance. The solution is the biometric electronic signature.


Employees’ identification in the pharmaceutical industry according ALCOA+

The ALCOA+ requirements defined by the FDA establish, among others, the characteristics for correct identification of employees in regulated pharmaceutical processes. The use of biometrics solves the current difficulties in meeting them.


Manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry: employees’ identification and data integrity

Current employee identification methods in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes cause data integrity breaches in GMP regulated environments, which can be solved with biometrics.

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